viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Ancient Egypt - Mummification process

Hi kids!

As I have shown you in class in the following site

you will find an excellent description and explanation of this method for preserving the

body of dead people that Egyptians were so good at. Remember that they did you use it with

everyone, and this skill was particularly important because it helped them develop their knowledge of

medicine, which was certainly very advanced.

Please go over the steps online carefully.

Once you have done so, go to the site below

and play the game (which will also provide you with a lot of extra information on mummies).

Then think about everything you have seen and answer:

1) Why was the mummification process important for Egyptians?

2) Were all people mummified when they died? Why?

3) Who was in charge of this process?

4) Why was it important to remove all the organs?

5) What were the canopic jars?


Would you have liked to be in charge of the mummification process in Ancient Egypt? Why?

And May Osiris guide you through your questionnaire, so that you may find the the truth!!

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